DIY Concrete Bar: Perfect for Summer Parties and Entertaining

August 10, 2023

Summer brings an exceptional charm with it: long sunny days, starry nights, and a perfect atmosphere for outdoor parties. To elevate the experience, a stylish, durable outdoor bar can play a crucial role. Why not create one yourself? A DIY concrete bar not only adds functionality to your parties but also offers an exciting challenge for DIY enthusiasts. At American Rock Products, we take immense pleasure in assisting you in this enriching venture.

Concrete, a material often reserved for sidewalks or skyscrapers, has made an impressive leap into home decor and DIY projects due to its outstanding durability and versatility. A DIY concrete bar can be an innovative way to bring this material into your backyard and spark the mood of your summer gatherings.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to create your DIY concrete bar:

Conceive Your Design

The first step involves determining the size, shape, and features of your bar. The inclusion of storage space, bar stool arrangement, and provision for a refrigerator should be decided in this phase. Sketching the design with proper measurements can be a beneficial exercise for clarity.


Construct the Mold

Molds are an integral part of working with concrete. Use melamine-coated particleboard, which has a non-stick attribute, to create your mold. Make sure to create separate molds for the base and the bar top. Seal the edges using silicone caulk to prevent concrete leakage.


Preparation and Pouring of Concrete

Choose a high-quality concrete mix for a robust and polished bar. Follow the mixing instructions carefully and pour the mix into your mold. Ensure no air bubbles remain by tapping the mold’s sides and smoothen the surface using a trowel.


Curing of Concrete

The curing process requires at least 48-72 hours and is a critical step to ensure concrete’s strength. Keeping the concrete moist under a plastic sheet can prevent rapid drying and possible cracks.


Demolding and Finishing

After ensuring that the concrete has cured properly, you can safely remove the mold. To achieve a smooth finish, use sandpaper on any rough spots. Apply a concrete sealer to make it resistant to weathering and stains.


Assembly and Personalization

Now it’s time to unite the top with the base. Once assembled, you can add the unique touch to your bar: install hooks for hanging bar tools, create a space for a mini-fridge, or add ambient lighting for those warm summer nights.


A DIY concrete bar is more than just an outdoor serving station; it’s a statement of sophistication and durability. The process, while labor-intensive, delivers an unmatched sense of accomplishment and a functional, stylish element to your summer parties.

As industry professionals, American Rock Products believe in empowering you to explore the vast possibilities that concrete offers. We hope that you’ll take on this building adventure and redefine your summer entertaining! We are here to support you in your concrete journey.